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Business Succession

The process of generational change is usually not an easy task. Often, the creditworthiness of the company is affected. The entrepreneur, family members, staff and candidates are put to the test.

The earlier the succession is planned, the easier and more successful will be its realization. The conflicting interests between the family of the company owner, shareholders, partners and long-standing employees should be brought together in a common commitment for the healthy future of the company.

This challenge is an ambitious project in which legal requirements, trustees and staff are interacting. Therefore, we support you in:

  • The succession planning business, for which we act in a neutral manner, while collecting desires, intentions and objectives of the various actors. All this information will be captured and analyzed in a discussion to find common ground.
  • Recruitment and selection of suitable successor
  • The preparation, mentoring and coaching successor
  • The development of models of succession and transfer forms

We help entrepreneurs in the estate and the transfer of leadership​.