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Executive Search

We take care of the search, selection and evaluation of candidates for managerial positions and specialization. This applies to both permanent positions, recovery or replacement of manager positions and highly qualified manpower as well.

Regarding the recruitment and evaluation we dispose of very experienced senior consultants. They can advise you on the selection of candidates according to your requirements.

We are able to present you excellent candidates for the following executive positions:

  • CFO, CIO, COO, CTO, CEO (Managing Director, Management)
  • Business unit managers, line managers
  • Program Manager
  • Project Manager
  • specialists in the areas of finance, controlling, IT, telecommunication, personnel / HR, engineers, developers, research, quality management, logistics, supply chain, product management, marketing, sales and legal affairs​

In our assessment, candidates take different tests (self-assessment, Arion personality test and specific cases of Business).