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SIM at the Best Practice Meeting of the Swiss Management Society

Aktualisiert: 12. Apr.

A hot(s)pot for building client relationships

This year’s Best Practice Meeting of the Swiss Management Society SMG on March 22 focused on kitchen gear and sustainability. Kuhn Rikon, the Swiss number 1 for cookware, acted as the host and presented its ambitious sustainability and climate strategy. SIM attended the event like every year: we have been a member of SMG for many years. GianmarioDussin and Walter Stäuble represented SIM at the company’s headquarters in Rikon. For the two of them, however, attending the event was also a "cooking pot" of a somewhat different kind.

A graphic illustration of a hand sprinkling colorful flowers into a puple pot on a cooking stove , symbolizing creativity and growth
Cultivating ideas with a dash of creativity - where innovation meets inspiration

SMG is an important platform for SIM to present the Interim Management model

The Interim Management solution is becoming increasingly popular with many large companies. While networking with old and new contacts at the SMG event, Gianmario and Walter had the opportunity to make SIM even better known and explain the SIM business model in personal conversations. They spoke to a large number of the attendees, many of whom were rather surprised about how easy and uncomplicated the SIM process is, even for successfully filling top management positions at short notice. The fact that SIM can fill almost any gap thanks to a very large network of over 400 specialists and executives from a wide range of industries seemed of particular interest. In the ongoing "war for talent", filling important key positions remains a challenge for many companies - especially when things have to happen quickly. So, attending the event was an extremely busy affair for them. Around 100 guests were at the event. They engaged in many conversations and presented the Interim Management solution like a delicious and easy to prepare soup that is currently being served very hot with ever new and optimized ingredients: we are constantly expanding our network and working on optimizing the process for the benefit of our clients. For SIM, membership of the SGM and attendance at the top-class events remains an important priority, because personal exchange is and remains a key element in building client relationships. Thus, the many discussions also resulted in a number of leads for possible cooperation.

Current hot topic sustainability: SIM works with experts in the field

Apart from being an important networking event, the event was also interesting in terms of content, as sustainability is also high on SIM’s agenda. Internally as well as regarding current developments such as the need and the increasing regulatory pressure for many companies to integrate sustainability topics in the most diverse projects and in their business strategies. In our network of interim managers, we also have proven sustainability experts. Do you have questions about this, or do you need support? We would be happy to advise you in a first free consultancy call - arrange a meeting today.

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Apr 05, 2023
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