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For Clients - Interim Management Services

We support you based on your individual needs

Use Resources at short notice

Ensure business continuity with external manpower  in mission critical projects, the event of crisis or other planned or non-planned events like sabbatical leave, early termination, illness, accident or maternity leave.

Quality Interim Management Services For Clients

Enable Turn-Arounds


Daniel Rolla


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Realize change through status quo analyses, troubleshooting and re-focusing on mission critical business, development of realistic restructuring concepts, implementation of new/additional measures.

Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Leverage expertise in process optimization in general management, production and R&D; implementation of KPIs and respective dashboards, time management, human resources and organizational development.

Identify future opportunities

Develop vision and mission for business growth, providing leadership and project management, for example during acquisitions and post-merger integration, for IT strategies, digital transformation and general business development.

Expertise areas

Examples of industries we cover: Enterprise Management, IT, Digital, Telecommunications, Engineering, Construction, Oil & Gas, Energy, Nuclear, Defense, Aviation & Aerospace, Transport & Logistics, Fintech, Finance & Controlling, Pharma & Beauty, Medical & Biotech, Mining, Business Consulting, Electronics, Automotive, Chemical & Petrochemical, Environmental, Agriculture and even more.

Ensuring Business Continuity With External Manpower
Realizing, Troubleshooting and Re-focusing on Mission

We are proud of what differentiates us

Thinking outside the box

We offer a neutral, objective, open minded and unbiased approach towards your specific situation.


Workload is based on actual need, unbureaucratic on-/ offboarding of our interim managers (e-signature & paperless), taking over payroll services organisation for your interim manager.


Short-term sourcing of experienced experts and managers within a few days, immediate availability.


Fast, tangible and sustainable results, thanks to qualified experts covering a wide range of industries, and leaders with extensive experience in interim management.

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Our managers support you based
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