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Interim Managers for a Wide Range of Industries

Qualified Interim managers for a Wide Range of Industries , showing two interim managers talking one wearing a yellow vest

Highly qualified interim managers for a wide range
of industries 

Our interim managers cover a wide range of expertise and support companies in numerous industries. Are you looking for a CEO, CFO, COO, CDO or CMO, or even industry-specific specialists? We're able to provide you with highly qualified interim managers in almost any field of work.    

The industry or the profile you are looking for is not on the list here? Contact us anyway. We’d be happy to discuss the various options with you. We look forward to hearing from you. Because mastering your current challenge is our next goal! 

Interim Managers in a meeting smiling having a good time

Interim Management Financial Services, we specialize in positioning highly qualified and experienced executives in pivotal financial positions within companies. These leaders manage short-term challenges and drive strategic projects.

Interim Manager in grey suit with glasse smiling arms crossed

Interim Chief Executive Officers or Chief Operating Officers bring extensive top-management expertise to drive companies through restructuring, growth phases, or transitional periods.

Interim Managers in a meeting smiling

HR Interim Managers are crucial in staffing key HR roles temporarily to address urgent needs or lead strategic initiatives. These professionals may serve as interim HR directors, personnel managers, or heads of personnel development, distinguished by their immediate availability and adaptability.

Interim Manager with IT background and laptop smiling, wearing glasses

IT Interim Managers are highly skilled leaders temporarily assigned to key IT roles to address short-term challenges or spearhead strategic initiatives. These positions range from Interim CIO, CTO, and CDO to specialized roles like Network Manager and DevOps Manager.

Interim Manager Food Industry.jpg

In Interim Management Food & Retail , we place highly qualified and experienced executives in pivotal positions within companies. These leaders manage short-term challenges and drive strategic projects.


In the field of Interim Management Pharma, highly qualified and experienced professionals are temporarily placed in key positions of pharmaceutical companies.


More Industries

•   Manufacturing 
•   Technology 
•   Energy 
•   Healthcare 
•   Professional services 
•   LifeScience / Medical technology
•   Food

•   Public sector 

•   Consumer goods / Retail 
•   Finance
•   Pharmaceuticals  
•   Transportation / Logistics 
•   Real estate / Construction
•   Media / Entertainment  
•   Telecommunications

•   Agriculture

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