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3 questions for the new SIM leadership:

Updated: Mar 14

Since the beginning of this year, Swiss Interim Management is led by two Co-CEOs. Daniel Rolla, successful CEO of SIM since 2009, and Christoph Heidler, former interim manager and SIM client, two experienced managers are heading the company. They met years ago as colleagues at Schindler. At the time, Daniel was an interim HR manager and Christoph was on the board of Schindler Informatik. We talked to the two CEOs about their plans for the year, their collaboration, and their management style.

Two men in a modern office setting with computers and monitors, one standing and the other seated, both smiling at the camera.
Navigating the digital landscape: Leaders of SIM share a moment of interaction amid technological surroundings.

What are your plans for this year?

We want to offer our clients, even more, interactivity and more intensive, efficient and specialized support. We also want to expand our service and portfolio offering - for example, we are now offering to handle the payrolling of employees based abroad. In general, we are pleased to report that customer satisfaction is already very high and that we have received a lot of positive feedback. However, our aim is to make working with SIM even easier for our clients and to continuously optimize the customer journey, for instance via our updated customer portal, which triggers appointments directly and offers a chat function with SIM consultants. And of course, one of our primary goals is to build on the great success of the last few years and continue to grow.

You have known each other for a long time. How would you describe yourselves and your respective management style?

We have been working together for many years in a very trusting and respectful relationship. We both appreciate a motivating work environment in which teamwork is very important. At the same time, we value discussions and different opinions to find the best possible solution. While we are both very different character types, we share that we are both very hands-on and decisive and that we are both focused on the future. We are also committed to creating an environment in which all our employees can unfold their potential, based on the belief that this is crucial to advance as a company. At the same time, our distinct personalities complement each other very well. This results in a good mix of ambition, entrepreneurship, risk-taking, courage, internationalism, and curiosity.

Interim managers are becoming increasingly popular. How do you see the future of the industry?

The industry has been growing steadily in recent years, and we expect the trend to continue. In our opinion, interim managers play an important role both strategically and in crisis management. They should have a place in every management team and should be replaced every two years or so to respond to change and mitigate business risks - not only in a moment of crisis, but also to identify issues in the status quo at an early stage and to react adequately to increasingly fast-changing circumstances. This calls for very good people. After all, interim management is not just a profession, it is a vocation, and we are very satisfied with our large, constantly growing network of highly competent professionals and managers. We are therefore looking forward to an exciting future!

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Mar 16, 2023

We don't just meet online and remotely, we meet physically. Laughter, fun and joking are also the order of the day here.

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