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SIM Team Day in Zurich – Ready for Take-off!

Updated: Apr 12

The Swiss Interim Management (SIM) Team primarily works remotely. We are proud of the fact that we work together very smoothly despite different locations and time zones - our team is spread over 3 continents, 4 countries, and 3 time zones. But once a year, SIM makes an exception and organizes a team meeting. This year, Co-CEOs Daniel Rolla and Christoph Heidler invited the team to Zurich Kloten. The team spent the morning at the Microsoft Technology Center Zürich, followed by a strategy meeting in the afternoon with an outlook on SIM's future. Last but not least, the team tried out the flight simulator. One thing is for certain: Swiss Interim Management is ready for take-off!

group photo of Swiss Interim Management team at team event in Zurich
our team in synergy: combining expertise and enthusaism for excellence in every meeting

The newest technology for even more efficiency in servicing our clients

The Microsoft Technology Center Zurich is located on the top two floors of the Circle at Zurich Airport. Designed according to the latest New Work principles, the premises impress with light-flooded rooms, lush greenery, and, above all, selected showcases from the Microsoft world. Not surprisingly, the focus is on artificial intelligence and what can be achieved thanks to intelligently deployed technology.

The first part of the team meeting was on the one hand about getting to know new SIM team members personally - SIM has grown considerably in the last year based on the very good business results and there were some new faces. But the goal was also to address the topics of efficiency and growth with the strategically chosen location. Microsoft presented current and future Office 365 features in an exciting presentation. Especially for remote work, but also for increasing the efficiency of processes and workflows, it is particularly important for SIM to stay on top of latest technology developments such as AI solutions and make optimal use of them.

The SIM team was enthusiastic and already looking forward to everything that is still to come, for example, to be even more reactive and overall more efficient thanks to the use of selected solutions.

Insight into strategy and future plans

In the afternoon, the management gave an insight into the current strategy and an outlook for the future. The team meeting serves, of course, personal exchange in an informal setting. But it is also an important moment to clarify questions about strategy. SIM believes in flat hierarchies and that everyone must understand the strategy in order to then be able to move toward the future with clearly defined goals. The afternoon was therefore also an opportunity for the team to talk about possible optimizations in an open exchange. In the workshop on growth and efficiency, the entire team participated with enthusiasm, constructive discussions, and input from the respective areas. The management and the team agree that efficient processes and a strategic approach, along with a highly competent and passionate team, are the foundations for continued business success.

Flying toward an exciting future

Finally, the team had the opportunity to try out the flight simulator at Zurich Airport. A Boeing 777 and a Pilatus PC 7 were available for use. Thanks to virtual reality, the flight simulator is an impressive experience, even for the two amateur pilots on the team. The virtual flight over the Swiss Alps inspired the whole team. At dinner in the Hangar restaurant, the day ended in a relaxed atmosphere. Conclusion of the day: Remote work is and will remain SIM's way of working. But, as Daniel Rolla said: "Every now and then, a face-to-face meeting is very important to strengthen the team feeling. We are SIM together, and even if we sit alone in front of the screen in our daily work, we can only get ahead as a team, and for that, we need commitment, passion, and joy in what we do for everyone. To feel this commitment once again in one room was very enriching, and we agree: together we are ready for a successful future to support even more companies with highly qualified Interim managers."

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Microsoft Technology Center Zürich Switzerland deliver immense industry experiences and deep technical engagement focused outcomes. Swiss Interim Management GmbH is very pleased to thank Didier Hubounig.

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