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Unexpected vacancy may cause distress to companies

Updated: Mar 14

When vacancies occur suddenly, companies often find themselves in a volatile situation as not only financial but also other losses can occur swiftly and irretrievably.

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It is irrelevant whether an important position is unexpectedly unfilled due to an unplanned termination, a possible parental leave, or even other causes, or whether other resources are missing. The most sensible thing to do in a timely manner is simply to use internal resources and alternatives. However, not all companies are able to do this at all reasonable times.

A quick solution is needed. Headhunters are not much practical here, as they can easily take several months to find suitable candidates, interview them, and present them to their company. And even if a C-level manager willing to make a change is found quickly, 3-6 months' notice of termination at the old employer must still be observed. Other event- or environment-based unexpected vacancies should not be ignored either, for example the sudden blockage of the Suez Canal has hampered transportation options and supply chains.

As a qualified alternative, interim managers are a viable choice for any unexpected vacancy. A skilled interim manager familiarizes himself quickly with a company externally and usually stays for up to six months until a qualified candidate is found. He or she takes an evidence-based and experienced approach so that your company does not suffer any extraordinary losses due to the situation, and helpfully learns the new employee into the position. Within a few days of assignment, the vacant position is filled with an overqualified interim manager and the daily work routine can continue as usual.

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