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Interim Management in Geneva

A scenic view of Geneva’s iconic Jet d’Eau fountain with a clear blue sky, set against the backdrop of the city’s skyline reflecting off the calm waters of Lake Geneva, symbolizing the dynamic and elegant solutions provided by a Swiss interim management firm.

Geneva – Connecting Worlds through Business and Diplomacy  

As the seat of numerous international organizations, Geneva radiates a cosmopolitan elegance. The city on Lake Geneva uniquely combines economy and diplomacy. With a strong presence in the banking and financial sector, Geneva is also a center of innovation for technology companies. Moreover, Geneva is considered the undisputed capital of high-end watchmaking. Numerous world-famous brands of 'Haute Horlogerie' have their origins here. The multicultural atmosphere and the first-class quality of life make Geneva a coveted location for companies and professionals alike. 

Confident and friendly portrait of our Interim Coach for the public sector and finance, standing in a modern office environment. With a poised stance and a smart, casual look, she represents the modern approach to executive guidance and team leadership development in a digital era.

Anne Portmann
Interim Coach

Public sector / Finance

Anne specializes in guiding executives in the development and leadership of their teams. Her work supports executives in organizations with organizational development and employee engagement, as well as individuals in professional transitions through video conference coaching. With expertise in coaching, training, management, HR strategies, and interpersonal communication, she helps companies, social organizations, government agencies, and NGOs. 

Portrait of an interim manager with a cheerful and welcoming demeanor, dressed in a light blue shirt, reflecting the approachable and professional nature required for effective management in consumer goods and retail sectors.

Georg Gutlein
Interim Manager 

Georg has been working in the construction industry since the age of 15. What began with an apprenticeship continued with a technical vocational baccalaureate, later followed by a diploma as a university of applied sciences engineer, and finally an MBA in Management and Engineering. After several years as a civil engineer, he switched to the Real estate development department of a large Geneva municipality. In these roles, he acquired in-depth knowledge in all phases of construction. He is particularly fascinated by working at the interface between technical areas and the legal, financial, and commercial aspects of the Real estate industry. 

Consumer goods / Retail

Portrait of an interim manager CEO, displaying confidence and executive professionalism, attired in a tailored suit. His authoritative pose reflects a wealth of experience in leading sectors such as technology, energy, and transportation, signifying his capability for high-level management and strategic oversight

Harrison Cober
Interim Manager CEO

Harrison has more than 30 years of experience in top management of international companies, specializing in general management, optimization of operational business processes, as well as sales and marketing. His expertise spans industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, insurance, energy, and social enterprises. As a book author and founder of an organization, he promotes corporate engagement in society. Additionally, he is a sought-after keynote speaker at business forums and conferences. 

Technology, Energy, Transportation / Logistics,  
Manufacturing, Professional services 

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Overlooking the picturesque cityscape of Zurich at dusk, this image captures the convergence of the Limmat River and Lake Zurich amidst historic church steeples, demonstrating the city’s legacy of Swiss economic excellence, a testament to the strategic and prosperous location of a premier Swiss interim management firm.
An aerial view of the historic city of Bern, Switzerland, showcasing the famous Bern Cathedral with its towering spire, alongside the serene Aare River that curves around the city, illustrating the strategic and central location of a leading interim management firm in Bern.
Panoramic view of Basel, Switzerland, with its distinct skyline featuring the red sandstone Basel Minster and the Ferris wheel of the Basel Autumn Fair, set against the Rhine River, reflecting the city’s blend of historical significance and modern vitality, representative of the innovative solutions provided by a Basel-based interim management company

Interim Management

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Interim Management

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Interim Management

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