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Interim Management CEO/COO:
Tailored Solutions for
Your Needs 

Fast and Proven Solutions 

Effective Support of CEO/COO Interim Managers at
Swiss Interim Management

Leading the day-to-day operations while simultaneously keeping a strategic oversight of a company is a challenge. In today’s global marketplace, companies frequently encounter situations where the engagement of experienced leaders is crucial. Strategic thinking and the capability to devise and execute long-term plans are more vital than ever during global transformation processes. 


An Interim CEO/COO can leverage their expertise to ensure that company operations are efficient and competitive on a global scale. Furthermore, in instances of temporary personnel changes, an Interim CEO ensures seamless and professional management continuity. 

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100+ companies rely on Swiss Interim Management

With Swiss Interim Management, you will find experts who align with your company and project needs. We offer quick placements, characterized by profound expertise and extensive experience, enabled through our network, comprehensive database, and selection process. 


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Finding the Right
CEO / COO Interim Manager

Finding the perfect match between company and Interim Manager is crucial. For us, this process is a central aspect of our services - precise, individual, and targeted.







Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

We begin with an in-depth conversation to thoroughly understand your unique needs, conducted at your convenience either in person or digitally.


Research &

Precision Matching

Preselection of multiple candidates from our network and database. Multistage selection process involving CV screening, reference checks, and interviews.

Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

Personal presentation of our candidate shortlist with a detailed offer. Interview with your selected candidate. Optionally in the presence of Swiss Interim Management. 

What does an Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) do?

Interim Chief Executive Officers or Chief Operating Officers bring extensive top-management expertise to drive companies through restructuring, growth phases, or transitional periods. They also excel in strategic orientation, demonstrating leadership and foresight, and effectively managing gaps in executive mangement. 


Interim Managers may assume roles such as CEO, Production Manager,
Chief Operations Manager, Plant Production, and Supply Chain Manager in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, they can serve as Production Leaders, Industrial Masters, or Plant Managers. A consistent feature of Interim Managers is their ability to deploy quickly and flexibly. 




Get in touch

100+ companies already place their trust in us.
From SMEs to large companies, we offer individual solutions and support you on the road to success with our interim managers.

Flexible Solutions for Short- and
Long-Term Challenges


With their rich experience and deep expertise, along with a track record of numerous successful interim assignments, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) are adept at addressing short-term operational bottlenecks effectively. 

They assist companies in achieving their goals and initiate long-term positive transformations within the company through their external, independent perspectives. 


Responsibilities of an Interim CEO/COO 

An Interim Manager in the role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or Chief Operating Officer (COO) will undertake the following key tasks: 



Operational Leadership:

  • Overseeing and managing the entire operational business activities. 

  • Enhancing process efficiency and overall departmental effectiveness. 

  • Ensuring cohesive operations across all company divisions. 

Strategy Implementation: 

  • Enacting the defined corporate strategy within operational realms. 

  • Developing and implementing tactical strategies. 

  • Leading key initiatives and projects aimed at strategic realization. 


Management of Operational Areas: 


  • Directing departments such as production, logistics, procurement,
    and quality assurance. 

  • Leading teams and managing staff within these sectors. 

  • Guaranteeing efficient workflows and successful achievement of objectives. 

Bridging Vacancies: 


  • Temporarily filling the CEO/COO roles during unexpected vacancies. 

  • Maintaining leadership continuity and ensuring uninterrupted business operations. 

  • Onboarding and training the new permanent CEO/COO. 








Why choose Swiss Interim Management

We at Swiss Interim Management understand that every project comes with its own unique challenges. Our team is characterized by extensive experience, the necessary expertise, and the flexibility required to quickly adapt to diverse tasks. The following key factors form the basis for successful work:


Personal Touch 

Our emphasis on personal interaction with clients and candidates is crucial. We listen attentively, understand your unique needs, and deliver tailored solutions. 



We believe that success is the product of consistent, proactive engagement. 



Our commitment is to provide unbiased, objective advice, focusing solely on your interests to secure the best possible outcomes. 



We anticipate challenges, take preemptive actions, and actively craft solutions to propel your company forward. 



Leveraging our extensive experience and unwavering dedication, we ensure reliable and enduring solutions that contribute significantly to the long-term success of your organization. 



We uphold responsible action as the cornerstone of long-term success, positively influencing not just businesses but also the wider society. 

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