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Effective Support by Finance Interim Managers from Swiss Interim Management

The operational management of a finance department requires a great deal of expertise. Whether it's accounting, controlling, procurement, or reporting according to national and international standards - finance departments of companies must constantly adapt to new circumstances. Topics such as digital transformation and ever-changing regulatory changes contribute to a continuously growing dynamics of change.

To successfully master these challenges, an Interim Finance Director can significantly support a company with their expertise. Moreover, during temporary personnel changes, an Interim Chief Finance Officer ensures that projects continue to be professionally managed.

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100+ companies rely on Swiss Interim Management

With Swiss Interim Management, you'll find exactly the experts who perfectly fit your company and your project. Quickly, with in-depth expertise and extensive experience. Through our first-class network, our database, and a multi-stage selection process, we can ensure fast and absolutely tailored placements.


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Finding the Right
Finance Interim Manager

Finding the perfect match between company and Interim Manager is crucial. For us, this process is a central aspect of our services - precise, individual, and targeted.







Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

We begin with an in-depth conversation to thoroughly understand your unique needs, conducted at your convenience either in person or digitally.


Research &

Precision Matching

Preselection of multiple candidates from our network and database. Multistage selection process involving CV screening, reference checks, and interviews.

Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

Personal presentation of our candidate shortlist with a detailed offer. Interview with your selected candidate. Optionally in the presence of Swiss Interim Management. 

What does a Finance Interim Manager do?

In the field of Interim Management Financial Services, highly qualified and experienced executives are temporarily placed in key positions within the finance departments of companies to address short-term challenges or lead strategic projects. Interim managers can assume positions such as accountants, financial accountants, heads of finance and accounting, procurement managers, or controllers. They can also take on roles such as finance directors, finance department heads, finance directors, heads of finance, as well as accounting specialists and finance officers.

Despite the variety of positions interim managers can fill, one factor remains constant: they are quickly and flexibly deployable.

With their extensive experience, they bring comprehensive knowledge in areas such as restructuring, transformation processes, payroll administration, controlling, financial accounting/accounting, and financial systems. They also handle the management of financial projects and IT finance projects such as ERP migrations. Additionally, they can provide sustainable support to companies through their objective perspective and unbiased views.


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Get in touch

100+ companies already place their trust in us.
From SMEs to large companies, we offer individual solutions and support you on the road to success with our interim managers.

Flexible Solutions for Short- and Long-Term Challenges

Whether it's a long-term project or taking over day-to-day operations, skilled professionals in the field of Interim Management Finance are typically readily available. Thanks to their broad expertise and specialized knowledge, they can work efficiently and achieve measurable results quickly. With Swiss Interim Management, you'll find precisely the experts who are the perfect fit for your company and your project. Our top-notch selection processes and extensive network ensure a quick and tailored placement for your individual requirements.


Areas of Responsibility of a
Finance Interim Manager


The demands on finance departments are currently increasing due to a variety of factors. A suitable Interim Finance Manager can support your company in the following areas:



Complexity of Business Environments: Globalization, digital transformation, regulatory changes, and geopolitical uncertainties are just a few examples of factors that increase complexity and require rapid adaptation of finance departments. Here, a suitable Finance Interim Manager can support your company with their expertise.

Temporary Personnel Changes: Resignations, maternity leave, or illness can quickly lead to turbulence in the finance department. An Interim Finance Manager can step in at short notice and ensure that processes continue to be managed smoothly and professionally.


Technological Developments: ERP migration projects, artificial intelligence, automation, big data analysis, and blockchain offer immense opportunities for efficiency improvements and process optimizations – but also challenges. A Finance Interim Manager can support companies with their expertise in integrating these technologies into their workflows to remain competitive.

Strategic Alignment: Finance departments are increasingly seen as strategic partners to management. They must be able to analyze data, make informed decisions, and actively contribute to achieving corporate goals. This requires not only financial expertise but also a strong business orientation and communication skills. In this area as well, a suitable Interim Management CFO can make a significant contribution to ensuring the future viability of the company.








Why choose Swiss Interim Management

At Swiss Interim Management, we recognize that each project is as distinct as its challenges. Our team stands out for its profound experience, specialized expertise, and agility to swiftly navigate complex tasks. These core elements lay the groundwork for our impactful results, ensuring we deliver solutions that sustain the future success of your company. These are the cornerstones in our daily work: 


Personal Touch 

Our emphasis on personal interaction with clients and candidates is crucial. We listen attentively, understand your unique needs, and deliver tailored solutions. 



We believe that success is the product of consistent, proactive engagement. 



Our commitment is to provide unbiased, objective advice, focusing solely on your interests to secure the best possible outcomes. 



We anticipate challenges, take preemptive actions, and actively craft solutions to propel your company forward. 



Leveraging our extensive experience and unwavering dedication, we ensure reliable and enduring solutions that contribute significantly to the long-term success of your organization. 



We uphold responsible action as the cornerstone of long-term success, positively influencing not just businesses but also the wider society. 

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