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Effective Support by Interim Managers in Pharma from Swiss Interim Management

Success in the pharmaceutical industry demands extensive expertise. Whether it's navigating the advancing field of medical research, adhering to strict regulatory requirements, or integrating cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence and digital sales channels, you need to be both knowledgeable and swift.

To meet the current challenges in the pharmaceutical industry, an Interim Manager in  Pharma can significantly support a company with its expertise. Moreover, during temporary personnel changes, an Interim Manager ensures that projects remain professionally managed. 

100+ companies rely on Swiss Interim Management

With Swiss Interim Management, you will find the experts who match your company and your project. Individuals who are fast, with deep expertise and extensive experience. Through our first-class network and database,

as well as a multi-stage selection process including CV screening, reference checks, and interviews, we can ensure a quick and precise placement. 


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Finding the Right
Interim Manager Pharma

Finding the perfect match between company and Interim Manager is crucial. For us, this process is a central aspect of our services - precise, individual, and targeted.







Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

We begin with an in-depth conversation to thoroughly understand your unique needs, conducted at your convenience either in person or digitally.


Research &

Precision Matching

Preselection of multiple candidates from our network and database. Multistage selection process involving CV screening, reference checks, and interviews.

Initial Dialogue &
Needs Assessment

Personal presentation of our candidate shortlist with a detailed offer. Interview with your selected candidate. Optionally in the presence of Swiss Interim Management. 

What professional fields and positions can Interim Managers cover in the pharmaceutical market? 

In the pharmaceutical industry, there is a variety of professions requiring diverse competencies and responsibilities. In the field of Interim Management Pharma, highly qualified and experienced professionals are temporarily placed in key positions of pharmaceutical companies. Whether it's to address short-term challenges or to lead strategic projects. 


Interim Managers in the Research and Development (R&D) sector can oversee pharmaceutical research efforts, guiding the development of new drugs and therapies. They manage clinical research projects, planning and conducting clinical trials. Interim Managers also supervise biotechnological initiatives, applying advanced methods to develop innovative products for the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, they ensure the safety and compatibility of substances as toxicology advisors. Interim Managers can generate value in roles such as biologist, chemist, PTA, BTA, CTA, and pharmaceutical representative, providing expert oversight and strategic direction. 

In Production and Quality Control, Interim Managers can oversee drug production as production managers. Subject matter experts in Quality Control (QC) and specialists in Quality Assurance (QA) oversee the quality of every step of pharmaceutical production, ensuring the drug that patients receive is safe and efficacious. Interim Managers also play a critical role in Phase 3 (pre-production) trials, scaling up production plants, which is a key criterion in the pharmaceutical industry. In Regulatory Affairs (Approval), Interim Managers can coordinate the approval of drugs with national and international authorities as Regulatory Affairs Managers. They assist with filing new drug applications to regulatory bodies such as the FDA, EU, and others. As Regulatory Affairs Specialists, they create and submit the necessary documentation. Additionally, Interim Managers can handle market access and government affairs to secure reimbursement purposes.

In Regulatory Affairs (Approval), Interim Managers can coordinate the approval of drugs with national and international authorities as Regulatory Affairs Managers. As Regulatory Affairs Specialists, they create and submit the necessary documentation.


Sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry include professions such as pharmaceutical representatives, who advise and sell medications to doctors and pharmacists, marketing managers who develop and implement marketing strategies, and product managers who are responsible for the launch and maintenance of specific products. All these professions can be executed by suitable Interim Managers. 

In healthcare and pharmacovigilance, Interim Managers can play a central role as medical consultants, assisting with medical questions and product information. As pharmacovigilance specialists, Interim Managers monitor the safety of drugs after market introduction and ensure that potential side effects are identified and appropriately assessed. 


Despite the variety of professional fields and positions that Interim Managers can occupy in the pharmaceutical industry, one factor remains constant: they are quick and flexible to deploy. 


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Get in touch

100+ companies already place their trust in us.
From SMEs to large companies, we offer individual solutions and support you on the road to success with our interim managers.

Flexible solutions for short- and long-term challenges. 

Whether it's a long-term project or the short-term management of day-to-day operations, Swiss Interim Management provides specialized and managerial personnel to the pharmaceutical sector, achieving measurable results. Through their deployment, companies benefit from a flexible and cost-effective solution, as they are only paid for the duration of their engagement, with no long-term commitment to the company. Additionally, interim managers facilitate effective knowledge transfer, ensuring that valuable expertise and best practices are shared with the permanent staff, enhancing overall organizational capability and sustainability.


Areas of Responsibility for an Interim Manager in the Pharmaceutical Sector: 

A suitable interim manager can assist your company in addressing the following challenges within the pharmaceutical industry: 















Complexity of Research and Development: Interim managers in the healthcare sector are well-versed in the latest advancements in pharmaceutical research and can navigate the increasing complexity involved in developing new medications.

Regulations and Approval Processes: Interim managers understand and excel in managing stringent regulatory requirements and standards for drug safety and efficacy. 


Product Lifecycle Management: Interim managers specialized in the pharmaceutical market can help companies optimize processes across the entire value chain, viz discovery, development, manufacturing, distribution, surveillance, pharmacovigilance and withdrawal.

Collaboration Models and Outsourcing: Their expertise includes managing partnerships and outsourcing of development and manufacturing to reduce costs and increase flexibility. 

Digital Transformation: Given the challenge of implementing digital technologies and processes in the pharmaceutical industry, Interim Managers can support companies with their ongoing transformation journey or strategize and kick-start the transformation. 

Adaptive Project Management: Interim managers in the pharmaceutical sector are skilled in navigating changes in product development and implementing the necessary adjustments in project management.  

Restructuring and Relocation: They can support companies in restructuring initiatives, relocation efforts, or scaling production processes. 

By leveraging the experience and expertise of interim managers, pharmaceutical companies can address these critical areas more effectively and adapt to the evolving landscape of the industry. 


Why choose Swiss Interim Management

At Swiss Interim Management, we recognize that each project is as distinct as its challenges. Our team stands out for its profound experience, specialized expertise, and agility to swiftly navigate complex tasks. These core elements lay the groundwork for our impactful results, ensuring we deliver solutions that sustain the future success of your company. These are the cornerstones in our daily work: 


Personal Touch 

Our emphasis on personal interaction with clients and candidates is crucial. We listen attentively, understand your unique needs, and deliver tailored solutions. 



We believe that success is the product of consistent, proactive engagement. 



Our commitment is to provide unbiased, objective advice, focusing solely on your interests to secure the best possible outcomes. 



We anticipate challenges, take preemptive actions, and actively craft solutions to propel your company forward. 



Leveraging our extensive experience and unwavering dedication, we ensure reliable and enduring solutions that contribute significantly to the long-term success of your organization. 



We uphold responsible action as the cornerstone of long-term success, positively influencing not just businesses but also the wider society. 

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