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Leading through Change 

The client 

Industrial machinery in operation, representing advanced packaging techniques utilized by a company that leads in innovative and sustainable packaging solutions, with a global presence spanning 20 nations.

Gianmario Dussin
Head of Business Development

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The Challenge 

For some time, the company was searching for a Director Product Manager for the food sector in Basel. This role's responsibilities included shaping the strategic direction of this area. Due to a spin-off and rapid business growth, the company was in an intense transformation phase, and they required not just an experienced Product Manager but an individual with outstanding strategic, entrepreneurial skills, and solid knowledge in sustainability. 


The Solution 

Thanks to his extensive experience, our Interim Manager was a perfect fit for the position. He began as the Director Product Manager for the food sector in May 2022. Since then, he has shaped the strategic realignment and significantly helped give a clearer profile to the open position. Today, he has well-defined areas of responsibility with a transparent strategy. Additionally, he has expanded the team with the necessary skills to successfully implement the strategy. 


The Result  

Today, the position is considered very successfully filled: Our Interim Manager, due to excellent collaboration, received an offer for a permanent position. In the future, he will lead all the client's areas in the Director Product Manager role. His mandate as an Interim Manager ended in April. While we at SIM regret that he is currently no longer available as an Interim Manager, a success for our clients and Interim Managers is always a success for us, and we are delighted to have supported a client long-term with this assignment. 

At a Glance


Transparent Strategy 


Teamwork to implement the Strategy 


Sustainability focused 

Professional headshot of an interim manager, showcasing a poised individual with a refined look, representing executive-level expertise in strategic management, business transformation, and sales within the food industry.


Our Interim Manager has executive-level experience with international management exposure. His career started in marketing and product management, extending to areas like business strategy, corporate transformation, and sales. With comprehensive training and multiple professional stations, he has garnered expertise in packaging and the food industry. 


His strengths lie in strategic market and competitive environment analysis, to develop and implement business strategies. He identifies growth opportunities and optimizes profitability. 


He specializes in transforming companies to accelerate growth, improve profitability, and enhance customer benefits. This is achieved by developing and implementing a sustainable business strategy and an optimized product portfolio. 

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Image showcasing a case study for Burckhardt Compression, with a view of the factory floor where skilled project management is applied to the manufacturing process, highlighting the efficiency and teamwork involved in industrial operations

Case Study




Technically skilled project management

Image of a welcoming workplace environment, capturing a moment of celebration among colleagues, indicative of the positive team spirit and collaborative culture within the company, across various fields of expertise like finance and IT
Image of a focused business consultation in progress, with a female consultant actively engaged in conversation, highlighting the personalized and expert advice provided to clients by the company

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