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Daniel Rolla and Gianmario Dussin from Swiss Interim Management Visit Trainbutlers GmbH in Freiburg im Breisgau

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Daniel Rolla, Co-CEO, and Gianmario Dussin, Head of Business Development, from Swiss Interim Management, had the opportunity to visit Urs Hefti, CEO of Trainbutlers GmbH, in Freiburg im Breisgau at the end of June 2024. The meeting was an excellent opportunity  to explore the synergies between the two companies and further strengthen their successful collaboration. 


Trainbutlers GmbH 

As a service and network provider in the railway sector, Trainbutlers offers a wide range of services for the industry. The company from Freiburg im Breisgau focuses on providing train drivers, consulting on legal, political, and operational issues, and Europe-wide networking to promote innovations. Trainbutlers highly value sustainable solutions and collaborate with specialized partners to cover areas such as safety management, training, and logistics. The Breisgau-based company acts as a hub for services and expertise in the railway sector. 


Urs Hefti, CEO of Trainbutlers, presented the organization and areas of responsibility to the two guests. He emphasized that efficient management and flexible use of resources are increasingly important in today's world. These principles help to enhance operational efficiency and respond to changing market conditions. The company relies on agile processes and innovative technologies to continuously improve its performance and provide outstanding service. 


Success Factor: Interim Management 

Daniel Rolla, co-founder of Swiss Interim Management, shared his extensive experience in interim management. He emphasized how interim managers can strengthen the agility and adaptability of companies, highlighting the importance of these skills today. He also pointed out that interim managers can bring new impulses to companies through their external expertise. It is not just the quickly available and deep expertise in the respective field but also the right amount of "out-of-the-box thinking" that can initiate positive and long-term processes in companies. 


Trends in Deployment Planning and Technology 

Gianmario Dussin and Daniel Rolla discussed the deployment planning of interim managers with Urs Hefti. Among other things, they highlighted an innovative software from "Wilson" (a startup from Berlin) for efficient resource management. The modern workforce management software optimizes scheduling, improves operational processes, and increases employee and customer satisfaction. The "WILSON Share" variant is a component specifically developed for the railway sector, designed to optimize personnel deployment and collaboration with partners. 


Office Tour 

Daniel Rolla and Gianmario Dussin were given a tour of Trainbutlers' modern offices, located in the beautiful Freiburg city center near Colombipark. The inspiring work environment and innovative corporate culture were positively highlighted. 

The paintings and photographs by Barbara Weber also stood out. Since January 2024, the renowned artist from Männedorf on Lake Zurich has been exhibiting her impressive works at Trainbutlers. The exhibition was generously provided as a free loan to the company in Freiburg i. B. Urs Hefti, CEO of Trainbutlers, an art lover and connoisseur, will oversee the works until further notice and make them accessible to the public. All interested parties are warmly invited to view Barbara Weber's works on-site. 

The meeting concluded with a delicious lunch near the Freiburg Minster. Gianmario and Daniel enjoyed a fine ice cream as the crowning conclusion. All in all, it was a successful day in Freiburg. 



The visit from Swiss Interim Management to Trainbutlers was an inspiring opportunity for knowledge exchange and strengthening business relationships. Both companies agree: Interim management is a key to success in today's increasingly dynamic business world. 


Additionally, the meeting highlighted that while online meetings work excellently, it is crucial to meet and exchange ideas in person. These occasional meetings are an indispensable and enormously important element in customer relationships for Swiss Interim Manageme

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