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Design matters

Updated: Mar 19

Why good design has a direct impact on your company's success

Design should be timeless and unique. In addition, it should emanate positivity, be easily applicable and have the capacity to attract attention. Corporate communication is certainly part of the core business. No matter if the subject is a new pair of trainers, particularly healthy water, or a complex medical device.

blue white design, abstract waves in shades of blue and white
abstract waves of blue and white, evoking a sense of calm and serenity

Whatever product or service it is: The way the "core business" of a company or organisation is presented is of great importance. Questions such as: “Does the graphic design reflect the values a company stands for?”, “Is the website clear and concise, easy to navigate and attractive?”, “Is the design open to innovation and ready for future challenges?” play a crucial role. Because regardless of how many visitors are "lured" onto the website: confusing content, a font that is difficult to read or a design that is not inviting are sure to reflect the bounce rate.

Brand experience: packaging is key

For users to enjoy spending time on a website or to pick up a company brochure, both content and "packaging" must be right. We are all confronted with an incredible number of visual stimuli every day. Countless brands approach us with their messages. Most of them are forgotten in an instant, but some of them leave such an impression that they are remembered. At best, we even identify with them –both at a conscious and subconscious level.

Therefore, a unique design has such a strong impact on making a brand stand out, particularly in a world in which we are constantly exposed to information. Brands are characterised by consistent design elements such as the logo, the use of certain colours and typography. Together they form the brand experience: a characteristic appearance that stands for the "DNA" of a company.

Timeless and “responsive”

Good design is timeless from an aesthetic point of view. From a technical point of view, it fulfils the requirements of the present day, for instance, responsiveness, i.e, the applicability of websites on different mobile devices. And last but not least: good design makes a product or service more attractive, ultimately helping to increase sales.

Do you want to find out how your design is doing? Take the design test here.

You can find more inspiring thoughts on the subject in Stefan Sagmeister’s podcast series on design. The Austrian star designer runs a design studio in New York. Every seven years he takes a sabbatical, or “creative break”, as he calls it. Click here to listen to the episode "The beauty of sausage packaging. Design should delight someone" (in German).

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