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The value of a personal meeting in an increasingly digital world

Updated: Mar 14

Visiting our long-term client MAIT in Germany

Daniel Rolla, Co-CEO Swiss Interim Management (SIM), and SIM Interim Manager Michael Flach visited long-time SIM client MAIT Germany at the end of March. SIM has been successfully supporting the company since 2017 with IT expert Michael Flach, a specialist in ERP Comarch. He has repeatedly led important sub-projects at the MAIT Business Unit Comarch ERP, and the collaboration has turned into a true partnership at eye level. Michael is now an integral part of the team despite his external position. For Daniel, it was an opportunity to exchange ideas with MAIT Germany Business Unit Leader Comarch and other representatives of the MAIT management team. Besides SIM, about 30 invited guests - from MAIT Germany as well as selected partners - were on site.

Remote is great, but so is the occasional meeting in person

The main purpose of the visit was to exchange information about current and upcoming projects, to discuss challenges as well as visions for the future. Furthermore, MAIT Germany experts as well as some of the attending partners presented the latest industry developments and trends. As a company active in the digital sector, MAIT Germany operates in a rapidly changing environment, in which new developments influence the way we work every day. Last but not least, it was also about meeting and exchanging ideas in person once again. Even though remote work works very well both at SIM and at a company like MAIT Germany, SIM considers the occasional meeting in person as a very important and valuable element in the relationship with clients. (Almost) nothing beats a personal and informal exchange during a day spent together. But even an informal day like this was structured with valuable content: several presentations provided insights into current IT and digital trends.

Two smiling men, one with a beard, standing together in front of a building with large windows
Partnership and innovation: Two professionals sharing a moment of camaraderie at the workplace

Interim Manager Michael Flach and Co-CEO Daniel Rolla

From ERP Comarch to new logistics solutions to the current hot topic AI

The day began with an introduction of the latest version of the Comarch ERP solution, which, in addition to the consistent improvement of the user interface, includes technical and functional updates. The product news was complemented with an insight into the strategic positioning of Comarch ERP in the coming years. This was followed by partner presentations from various areas, for example on MAIT's developments in the area of catalog item integration and container management. Another presentation dealt with the topic of work and artificial intelligence. This involved a BI solution based on Qlik-Sense, which was developed by MAIT Germany. The product provides customers with automatically processed data that can be used for decision-making in the areas of finance, logistics, sales, procurement, and human resources. Finally, there was a presentation on the inventory management of the future. The focus was on Remira's LOGOMATE software and focused on questions such as: How do customers handle orders? How do they manage their inventory to maintain production and deliver products to their customers on time and in good quality? In short, it was a very informative day that left a lasting impression on the future of the industry.

Making plans for the future

It remains an exciting time and highly trained professionals continue to be in demand. Michael Flach, for that matter, will continue to support the company. The day ended with plans of extending Michael's assignments, as well as the possibility of expanding the collaboration with SIM to additional MAIT business units. After all, as the industry grows, so do the challenges. SIM, with its large network of over 400 professionals and experienced leaders, is ready to support in exactly such situations. We are always happy to be able to support our customers as true partners and are already looking forward to the next visit!

About MAIT Germany

MAIT Germany GmbH, headquartered in Rottweil, is the German national subsidiary of the MAIT Group. With EUR 150 million in sales and over 6,000 customers, the MAIT Group is the partner for innovative digital solutions in product development, corporate management and IT services.

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