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Bridging the Gap
Interim HR Management  

The client 

The organization is an independent, non-profit institution that forms a global network of professionals in the field of surgery. It is considered one of the leading educational, innovation, and research institutions in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. It has several specialized areas, including trauma treatment, spinal surgery, facial and maxillofacial surgery, veterinary medicine, and reconstructive surgery. Its clinical departments and units are constantly striving to define and further develop the standards in their respective fields, with a strong focus on research, development, clinical studies, and training. 

Since its inception, it has reached an impressive number of over one million surgeons and operating room staff in more than 100 countries through its training programs. 


The Challenges

Originally planned as a 6-month mandate to accompany a reorganization, the project of our interim manager was ultimately extended to 18 months. The primary challenge lay in managing the entire application process during a phase of intense restructuring. This included the creation and approval of job profiles, publishing job advertisements on internal and external platforms, conducting job interviews, managing rejections, and responding to customer inquiries. In addition, coordination with team leaders on interview questions and tasks was required. The process involved intensive administrative tasks, including the search for suitable candidates on LinkedIn and other job portals. 


The Solution 


Daniel Rolla


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A core aspect of the solution was considering the company's locations, some of which were in remote areas. Given the increasing trend towards home office and the fact that many employees in Switzerland also work from home, a flexible solution was developed. The approach made it possible for employees, even those living further away, to be present at the Swiss locations on a weekly basis without difficulty. Moreover, the integration of company-owned courses into the restructuring process was of essential importance. 


The Result  

Through the dedicated and competent work of our interim manager, the HR restructuring of the company was successfully implemented. The optimization and adaptation of HR processes led to a more efficient way of working and contributed significantly to customer satisfaction. Despite the complex challenges and the extension of the mandate beyond the originally planned period, the project was successfully optimized to full satisfaction. The restructuring not only strengthened the HR department but also supported the overall organization in its mission to further advance medical excellence and innovation. 

At a Glance




HR restructuring

Optimization and adjustment of HR processes

Supporting the overall organization on its journey to advance medical excellence and innovation



With his impressive expertise as a management consultant, recruiter, and HR specialist, our Interim Manager brings not only in-depth knowledge about the entire recruitment process but also shows a commitment to leading every project to success. 

Away from work, his passion for ice hockey plays a central role. As an ice hockey team and skills coach, he brings his abilities to the ice and teaches others the art of this captivating sport. He is always eager to gather diverse experiences through new challenges and contacts. His dedication and enthusiasm for what he does make him an invaluable part of the Swiss Interim Management team. 

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