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Managing Director
Euromaster Switzerland

The client 

EUROMASTER GmbH is a tire and car service company. It is a subsidiary of the tire manufacturer Michelin and operates around 2,300 branches in Europe and employs 11,800 people. There are 31 branches in Switzerland alone with about 250 employees.   


The EUROMASTER GmbH is a tire and car service company.



Mannheim, Germany

Employees: 11,800

Umbrella organization: Michelin


Daniel Rolla


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The challenges 

For the past 5 years, Euromaster has been in a difficult financial and commercial situation in Switzerland. This led to changes at management level to get the company out of the crisis. The goal was to increase efficiency and productivity with the support of an interim Managing Director, as well as to define and implement a new strategic and commercial direction to bring the company down to break even. In addition to the existing crisis with declining business figures came the Corona pandemic, which made the situation even more challenging. The goal was to generate more profitability per year by increasing efficiency and adjusting the strategy.   


The solution  

With the change at management level, a new strategic direction was adopted. The focus was on cost management and stabilizing commercial success by rebuilding the sales and marketing team. Thanks to the creation of a crisis roadmap with short-term and long-term measures, Euromaster Switzerland was stabilized despite adverse circumstances. This included the improvement of the infrastructure as well as the centralization of the Supply Chain Management, the growing of the operational business efficiency and the strengthening of the brand image. The original mandate was limited to 6 months, but was extended to two years in view of the first good results and the pandemic.   


The result  

After two years of intensive crisis management, the company was stabilized in Switzerland thanks to strengthened and constant productivity and efficiency improvements. Productivity increased by 30 percent, while production costs fell by 11 percent.   

3 Key figures 

30 %

increase in production 

-11 %

production costs

3 years

Stabilization of sales after
3 years   

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Hugues Chatelain
Interim Manager

Interim Manager

Hugues Chatelain has 30 years of experience in top management positions in international companies with a focus on operational optimization as well as sales and marketing. He is particularly experienced in the automotive, consumer electronics, insurance, energy, and social business sectors. He is also the author of the book "Thinking Outside the Box: Enterprise, Society and Sustainable Capitalism" (PDF available here), and the founder of SocietyVision, a platform that promotes, develops, and implements corporate engagement in and for society. He appears as a keynote speaker at various business forums and conferences.    

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