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Implementing digital solutions in Warehousing 

The client 

Interior view of a vast warehouse aisle, lined with high shelves packed with goods, illustrating the logistical complexities and storage solutions provided by a company with a long-standing heritage in warehousing art, vintage wines, and valuable objects

Gianmario Dussin
Head of Business Development

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The Challenge 

Our client was facing a significant challenge in its warehouse management process. The company was mostly relying on spreadsheets to manage their warehouse, which was time-consuming and complicated, leading to inefficiencies in their logistic processes. Additionally, the company was facing a challenge in storing rare and exclusive wines that required a unique storage system. The challenge was managing this inventory efficiently and accurately, considering that some of the wines require specific storage conditions.  


The Solution 

To address the challenge, the company brought our interim manager specialized in logistics on board. He was tasked with implementing a new warehouse management system and improving the efficiency of the process. The first step was to create a code for all the articles and systemize these codes to implement a digital warehouse management system. He also designed a unique storage system to accommodate rare and exclusive wines. The new WMS systemized the entire process and brought in a level of digitalization that had been long overdue. The staff was trained to handle orders using the new system, and the project is currently in a successful test phase.  


The Result  

The new system has significantly improved the efficiency of the warehouse management process, reducing the time required to manage the inventory and handle orders. The staff can now focus on other critical tasks, and the company has gained more control over their inventory. Our interim manager was accompanying the project to make necessary amendments and optimize the system as needed until recently while a newly hired project manager supports the project and process. Overall, the project is a significant step towards digitalization and efficiency for the client. The company hopes to expand the new system to manage other products in the future. 

At a Glance


Inventory of storage system 


Strategy for improvement 


Implementation of new Warehouse Management System 



Our Interim Manager has outstanding leadership experience and a comprehensive international management portfolio. Among other roles, he spent 8 years in the airport industry, focusing on the management and handling of hazardous materials. This mix of experiences positions him as a versatile manager capable of tackling complex business challenges in various industries. 

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